Soul Works


Accepting Christ as your Savior is easy enough because believing is receiving. Unfortunately that’s where most Christians end their search for the truth. The intricacies of Salvation are very complicated so we have put together this book to try and explain Christian principles as simply as possible. We give you everything from the Basics of Christianity to powerful explanations of Gospel truths laced with testimonies of lives the Word of God has changed. Some of the articles included in this text are:

 Why God became Man    

A Case for a New Beginning

The Spirit that Lives within Us        

A Search for Happiness                                                      

Regeneration of Your Mind                                              

Our Relationship with Each Other                                  

   What the Bible says about Sex                                        

   Why have People Stopped Going to Church                  

   Sharing Christ with Others                                            



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  1. I have often wondered about your question.your comments really hit home. I know someone who attended church as a child because his parents thought if was the right thing to do. his friend led him to the Lord after he became a teenager and stopped attending. I guess you could say that not all jobs are left up to the church.

  2. This one of our most popular posts. Why do you think people have stopped going to church? Who do you think is to blame: those not going or those leading the church?


  3. Qasim Omarri

    August 14, 2013

    Modern Christianity is not about G-d, people or sacred relationships. The normal structure of congregations is corporate business culture: how people behave AWAY from home in the office. People just endure this until they can get away from it by going back home. The corporate style copied by the church offends a lot of people. The lack of genuine demonstrated friendliness exhibited by christians mirrors the individual shopping experience of the customer/ cashier transaction in the mall where minimal pleasantries are exchanged as the customer gets down to the job of examining/ trying on the goods while ignoring other customers and then decides whether to buy or not. The strong impersonal building atmosphere is conductive to business, not social interchange. The emphasis on dress clothing in some/most ‘churches’ is another turn off. The church is not humane. People want to relax and be themselves during their free time. The 501c3 organizational structure of the church makes it’s inherant aligence to the state government that granted that status via a paid for charter and NOT the people or G-d. People in church are held together by a loose committment to the general business culture of modern America and not by anything biblical such as love for others, genuine concern, sacrificial giving etc. in short, there is no demonstrated authentic christian community in thousands of churches…they’re businesses not churches!!

    Christianity has a structural problem that is fatal: the clergy/laity split fuels all this. Attendees just leave and seek a different church if big problems arise while the leadership of the church remains the same. People are tired of this and so sleep in on sunday to their great relief.

  4. Being a Christian

    Many people think that they are Christians because they belong to a congregation.
    Others think its because they come from a Christian background.
    Others think its because they were born in a certain country.
    Or because they believe in God and do good works.

    It’s not like that at all.

    Being a Christian isn’t belonging to a congregation.
    It isn’t walking down an aisle or being baptized.
    It isn’t just saying “I believe in God.”
    It isn’t even following the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

    Being a Christian means believing that Jesus Christ is who He said He is;
    The Son of God and the only way to heaven.
    It means making a total commitment to Jesus Christ.
    It means making Him the Savior and Master of your life.


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