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    God is love, and in His mercy He challenges each of us to come forth in the image and likeness of that love. Don’t be mistaken, this is not something you’ll hear in church. This is a message from the Living God. Wisdom tells us that if the challenge comes from God it should be seriously and soberly considered. There are only two choices when faced with a challenge: 1. Take the challenge and do your best to meet it. 2. Refuse the challenge and remain where you are.
    God challenges us for good reasons. Like the loving Father He is, He wants to see His children grow stronger and climb higher in the Spirit. He knows that challenges make us press beyond the routines of our daily existence. He knows that challenges often make us cry out to Him for help, and that’s a cry He wants to hear. Whether we totally achieve the goal set before us isn’t always the issue. What matters is that we give our best, and when we do that God fills in the rest. The truth is challenges bring spiritual growth and strength, and that is something which will benefit us all. As we strive and strain, struggle and push to meet the challenges God puts before us, we will mature in God’s wisdom and strength. These are things money can’t buy. Taking the challenge will also prove to be your passport out of the land of phony religious play-games and into the real battlefield of life. The Aggressive Vision is powerful. More than just talk, it is the will of God for a people who truly love Him. It poses a challenge to you–a challenge that can revolutionize your life.

    Perhaps this is the first time you have encountered the Aggressive Vision. Maybe you wondered if there were actually people living out this type of vision from the Lord. Well now you know. Here we are and you’re welcome to join us. Are you tired of sin, sickness, and death? Are you sickened by the tragedy of wasted lives? Have you had enough of religious hypocrisy and the game called “church”? There is a way you can make a difference. How? Put your life in the hands of God and let Him use it. When you join God’s army you’re on the side that can’t loose. With Jesus in the lead you can’t go wrong. With God’s help you can do it. You’ve read what it’s about and what it costs to jump in. You can’t start too young and you’re never too old. Open your heart to the Lord and He promises to meet you. If you’re looking for true Christianity, you’ve found it. This is the real thing. So what are you going to do about it? Will you take the challenge? Will you die to yourself that others may have a chance to find life in Christ? How much do you love God? Take the challenge! Join the army that sheds no blood! Show the world that Jesus is your King!


    Those who love Jesus will obey Him. You must give your earthly life to gain eternal life. You’ve got to give it all to win the prize. 100% is the requirement. Anything less is a mockery of the sacrifice Jesus gave for us.

  2. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

    • thanks. we work hard to get the information out. one of our web sites, is posted 5 days a week to over 2,000,000 kids around the world in 7 different languages.


  3. Irene Phillips

    March 14, 2013

    Greetings, This is a most intriguing site! I am a Master of Divinity student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. I am very interested in the topic of millennals and why they have stopped going or never start going to church. My research is going to be descriptive (interviews). Social media seems to be the communication mode of choice for millennals. It is this group that I would like to gather my data from. Can you assist me in any way? Thanks. I pray God’s blessings upon all millennals who are steadfast in the Word. Irene


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