The Rise of Terrorism

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The philosophy of Isis is profoundly against every Christian, Muslim , and Hebrew belief. They have


this concept that says, “ Let us do evil that good may come.” They have a theory that by bringing chaos to the world, inflicting hatred and death to their fellow-man, that it will bring forth the 12th Iman. The Mahdi’s tenure will coincide with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Tragically, all that will come is death and destruction. He who wants to fight will bring the end of times and will bring forth the almost complete destruction of mankind.

Isis, Al – Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, and all the other groups that place their will above the lives of innocent people tell themselves, “ If sin will enhance the glory of God, therefore it is no longer sin, then the more we sin the greater God’s power will be.”  Rest assured you that those who judge others through their wickedness will be judged by their own actions.  Those who give cling to their ideology, take note. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. Galatians 6:7  NASB If a man sows death and destruction, that is exactly what he will reap. They will not end up in some cozy paradise. They will end up burning in hell which is the same thing they did to their fellow brothers and sisters here on earth.

  Trying to Make Sense of the World – Even though the world is a complete, scrambled mess, we try to make sense of it. We naturally take things that are chaotic and rearrange them so they make sense. Human beings have a  special talent for not understanding the truth. We can take a current event like terrorism, that  seems to be the most hateful callous act of cowardice there is and turn it into a reasonable and responsible act of courage. We have taken internal conflicts, like trying to understand why the world is the way it is, and turned them into external conflicts that has engulfed half the world in war.

fighting-the-works-of-the-flesh-hatred_472_331_80  The increased hatred towards one another has grown with the global temperature. It is not only between religions beliefs, but between countries, race, families, and individuals. I have never seen so many young people fighting with each other about nothing. If you have long enough you will probably agree that evil is mushrooming by the day. Very few people, seemingly are taking the high road of honesty, integrity and  responsibility. Justice and righteousness seemed to have vanished. The man with the most money wins elections, court cases, and controls the media. We have created for ourselves a world with few morals. Anything goes for the prosperity of the cause regardless of the cost to mankind and the planet. They are turning our earthly home to dust, and are not being charged with a crime.  They are killing thousands of people through convoluted schemes by controlling governments that spread their deadly propaganda throughout the globe. It appears there is no political system that isn’t corrupt and the people running these systems are there for personal financial gain.

The eventual consequences of terrorism is the introduction of the anti–Christ. We need to be careful what we wish for. The destruction of this earth is at hand and the Bible says that if Chris4130_c929f2210333206f417e3862f431776dt does not return there will be no one left. The anti–Christ will bring forth the “Tribulation,” and in a short period of time one half of mankind will fall. The other half will be starving, wounded, and sick with radiation poison.  There is an escape for only those who have surrendered their life to God. Surrendered to the Word of God and born of the Spirit.