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Perturbation of Spirit – The Age of Lawlessness

January 5, 2020


  Since the transgression of Adam there has been no time where the spirit of stupor has been more prevalent than the times we live in today. We have been permitted to indulge our appetites to the point of no return. Through advertising, we have been pushed over the cliff of compulsion where we overuse […]

Waiting on the Lord

May 19, 2019


  The dew is like a shower on the grass this misty morning where overcast skies hang low over the trees. The squirrels are already fighting among themselves as the robin turns her ear to the ground in hope of a tasty morsel. I need a rag to wipe the bench in the prayer garden […]

The Wellspring of Our Soul

April 27, 2019


  From a chasm deep within my soul springs forth a source of continual love: living water sparkling with crystals of faith that contain all understanding and knowledge from above, bursting forth a life surrounded by a fallen world where resides the precious anomaly of hope. Without it, any enthusiasm for life would disappear into […]

I Have Visions for You to See

April 7, 2019


  God’s desire is for you to manifest something for others to behold: to make a way for His divine purpose to be revealed in the eyes of others. In most of the world people spend their entire existence on survival, neglecting a relationship with God. In the USA we spend most of our life […]

How to Recover Your Conscience

February 10, 2019


The first time the word “conscience” was mentioned in the Bible is John 8:9 (NKJV) We have the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus into disagreeing with the laws of Moses. They brought to Him a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery, and according to Mosaic Law she should be stoned to […]

The Soul of a Man

February 3, 2019


  What is a living soul worth? It gets very little attention these days, but I can assure you its value is priceless. It is a commodity that is traded daily in the thrones of Satan’s world. It is of great pleasure to him to steal and control a man’s soul. You will not hear […]

Eternity to Time to Eternity

January 27, 2019


In the beginning God. The Father of Spirits existed throughout all eternity with the Word. There was nothing of a physical nature that existed. No up or down, no night or day, no visible . . . only the Spirit of God mapping out His future creation. Our heavenly Father planned every detail of creation […]