Perturbation of Spirit – The Age of Lawlessness

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Since the transgression of Adam there has been no time where the spirit of stupor has been more prevalent than the times we live in today. We have been permitted to indulge our appetites to the point of no return. Through advertising, we have been pushed over the cliff of compulsion where we overuse our intellectual thirst for material possessions. We are influenced and pressured to use our time in a like manner to copy others, and it has drastically changed our way of life. We are under the gun to compete with others for accomplishments that derail us from our own sensibility. Our way of life should be their way of life, so we are constantly pressured to comply with the model of living that others have set for us. No one is willing to diminish their standard of living so we push on harder and further than ever. We as a society are a ticking time bomb.

With the fall of Adam and his untimely spiritual death, grief was created; mental and physical pain and suffering were prepared for those of us who struggle through this maze of life. Disease began to be established, trouble consumed our fears, and Sheol was created for the unwilling spirit who disregarded the law. Childbirth was brought about with intense labor and pain, inflicting the passions of parenthood with all humility where goodness was besotted for every child. What could be darker for mankind than these horrible consequences of life?

Well, time brought the liberty of those who were created before us to come and mingle with the women of earth. They brought about the knowledge of war, metallurgy, and the sensual appetite of sexual desire embellishing all of mankind into a raging lust of perversion to the point that God wished He hadn’t created mankind. Through the forbidden relationship of angels and earth-women, a race of giants was created—and if their offspring wasn’t destroyed, man would have been lost in their dominating DNA. So, the earth was destroyed again to perpetuate the existence of mankind and to eliminate the inbreeding of angelical blood. The spirits of these beings are those that haunt us to this day, trying to influence us to turn against our own will. Most of these beings are in chains held by the mighty fires of the bottomless pit, soon to be released at the sound of the fifth trumpet. Even to this day there are entities who try and develop genetic abnormalities in the spirit of mankind, drawing us away from our eternal destination. Many who roam the earth today may be a genetic match to humans but lack the spirit of God.

So now many have been given over to a perturbation of spirit and a state of near unconscious insensibility of the heart. A provocation of hatred that provokes us to fight among ourselves where the mean have gained control of the honorable and the many are delivered into the hands of just a few. Those who are nothing rule over the strong and mighty so the abundance of poor can be controlled by the rich. Those who show no respect or reverence to God exalt themselves over the wise and heroic leaders of the past, so they remain quiet while the fools have their way with society. Confusion has befallen mankind so the righteous and the just destroy their own integrity through the lust and desires of the world. It will come to pass that those who escape the madness of war will be consumed by famine, and those who escape famine will be destroyed by earthquakes, and those who proclaim themselves the victors shall be delivered unto death. The earth shall devour its inhabitants and all the evil that is in it.

There shall be a time of hatred never experienced here on earth. Mother will hate child and father, son. People will despise the truth and envy those of prosperity. Evil speaking and arrogance will blind the soul to the hatred that boils within. So here we have the description of modern man. They will love themselves more than they love their own family. Their greatest desire will be the increase of wealth and they will be willing to do anything to accumulate prosperity. They will be unholy, unthankful, unloving, unforgiving lovers of pleasure. They will place themselves above the will of God having no self-control, brutal to the point of taking whatever they want regardless of the outcome to others. They will lie, cheat, and steal anything they can to further their ambition. They will be lovers of pleasure and will have a fake personality, pretending to be godly but only be into it for themselves. Iniquity shall abound and many will depart from the faith, giving themselves over to the influence and control of demons through sorcery and witchcraft. They will have no conscience and will lead many to false beliefs and eventual death.

Beware of those who work lawlessness among themselves. They are the children of hatred and are against the Lord. They will not listen to words concerning the love of their neighbor, and when one of their fellow men stumble, they delight in his fall. Where love would make them alive from the dead and would bring those back who are condemned to die, they would rather lie and speak against the truth so by hatred the living are slain. They confuse many by turning light into darkness, and they kindle wrath whereby they stir up bitterness among others, producing violence where inordinate desire for another’s possessions fills their heart.

These are the times in which we live so be careful because the pitfalls are many and false leaders abound. It is necessary for us to reside in the light of day and lock our doors at night to avoid an untimely death. Preparation should be made to hunker down at home where we have food and water for a month or more, so we will not have to go out in the chaos of the street to provide for ourselves. We must plan for the unthinkable whereby we have no utilities, no means to keep food fresh, and no way to heat our home, because this time will happen all of a sudden when we least expect it; so we should prepare for it today.

We as Christians are residing in a den of darkness so we must combine fasting with chastity, purity, and patience, praying in all humility of the heart so the Lord of our life will take notice. The one who has their mind turned toward God will see things rightly, for the spirit of lawlessness is very powerful. Be longsuffering in spirit because these present things will soon pass and that which is promised will come. Let us not look to mankind for happiness but to the inner self and the Spirit of God. The times and the seasons will bring hunger and pain as we bear the suffering of our loved ones. The consummation of the age will show the power of a mighty ruler, then all things will come to judgment so bear your pain and hardship with perseverance.

When these things abound, we know the return of our Messiah is prevalent so our hardships will soon come to an end. The aftermath will bring forth the judgment of the nations where every culture that did not trod down the sons of Jacob will be spared. Then every nation will be subjected to its people and all of those who rule over us shall be destroyed. It will come to pass that when everything has been brought under the power of God, true joy shall be revealed and there shall be rest for all peoples, nations, and tribes.

  A healing power will fall upon mankind like dew from the sky and disease, famine, and pestilence will all subside. All anxiety and anguish shall pass away, leaving all blood feud, hatred, and envy to die along with the evils of man. Wild beast shall sit alongside a child and minister to their needs and women shall no longer bear the pains of birth. It these days the harvester will grow weary of the harvest because abundance shall fill the earth. There will be no more manipulators because everyone will provide for themselves. No one will be hired for another. When time comes to build a home, the community will volunteer their labor as no one can dominate another so the consummation of the destruction of corruption will be complete.

So, during these dark times, turn your eyes and ears upon Jesus so the evil things of this world will be subdued. Cast your heart upon the throne of God where death passes to everlasting life, and bathe in the light of God’s glory and grace. Believe in Him and stay focused on His Word so that the hunger pains and darkness will diminish, and you will enjoy the light of His gladness. Turn toward Him in silent pray now so you will be prepared for the terrible times ahead. So, I pray to You, heavenly Father, to keep the souls You have provided for me to minister to where all turn in repentance to You. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

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